About Us

About Us

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Bottle of pure CBD oil used for pain management

All popular CBD blogs have an about us page where they talk about what made them enter the medical cannabis business. Below is mine; 

My interaction with Cannabis and CBD started when I got diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder. After going through an entire year of anti-depression medicines, which not only made me dependent on them for mood regulation but also made me physically weak and unsure of myself, I switched to using CBD oil on recommendation from a friend. One of the hundreds of compounds found in Cannabis Sativa is a wonder chemical known as CBD or cannabinoids. 

My Experience with CBD

It’s been a couple of years since I started taking full spectrum CBD oil and I have been completely out of depression ever since. My social anxiety and general restlessness have also seen considerable improvements and fortunately without abusing prescription drugs or behaving like a zombie. I have also recommended my mother to use CBD oil for pain in her joints and for her anxiety issues. I have worked as a website content writer all my life and I understand the power of words. My objective is to use this blog to guide people on their journey to healing the mind and body through CBD, THC and all derivatives of the healing herb called Cannabis.

Going forward, I will publish highly informative and relevant blog posts on CBD, current research, news from the medical and scientific community and review of CBD products like CBD oil for pain, CBD Edibles, the best CBD oil, CBD for pets and CBD gummies available in the market as well as CBD vaporizers, starter kits and CBD Vape oils. Stay tuned to learn more and enhance your healing experience. Also, feel free to contact me for coupons, discounts, and offers on CBD products including CBD tinctures, CBD oils, CBD Vape oils, CBD Gummies and other related products. Go Green, Go Hemp, Go Organic.