CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

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Our relationship with dogs has gone so evenly that we often try to produce each of our wellness trends for them also. The only thing that fluctuates is the style of implementation. As with the time going, countries and nations are revising their act to legalize CBD items; maybe it is time for looking more into a dog’s CBD oil. Indeed, you can find tons of information floating around the online platforms regarding CBD oils for dogs, but you need only the reliable data about it. After all, you do want to produce the best result for your dog also. Isn’t it?

Although we would say that dogs can get the same comfort that humans are experiencing after using CBD items, there is hardly enough clinical evidence to stand by the opinion. However, we believe in results. Many pet owners have seen glimpses of positives after using CBD oils for their dogs. Since you don’t want to risk it for your pup, let’s have a voyage into more details about how CBD oils could or couldn’t help your dogs also.

At first, CBD

Concerning the National Library of Medicine, US, Cannabidiol, more precisely CBD, is a chemical compound that comes from the extract of Cannabid Sativa plant. You might have heard about hemp or marijuana. Cannabid Sativa is the same.

CBD is a naturally occurring element, while some companies have adopted the idea of synthesizing CBD now. It is one of the chief funders to the Cannabis extract that consists of more than 120 other elements, including THC also. While both THC and CBE often get used in wellness products like edibles, oils, and vapes, both have different ways of coming into effect. Unlike the major contributor of cannabis extraction, the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD allegedly doesn’t induce psychoactive repercussions into the user’s brain. While in most items, CBD comes with three versions according to its percentage amount, THC is often regulated to less than 0.3% of the total content.

The competition of THC and CBD for dogs

There is a reason that humans, the most advanced animal in the world, tend to reject THC and accept the pure CBD items more. But how is it for the dogs? Considering its inactivity to raise psychoactive impulse into animal bodies, CBD might be much safer than using THC for the dogs. In other aspects, CBD holds essential metabolic reactions with its counterparts like Ibuprofen and Rimadyl. Almost like the whole NSAID batch, CBD has control over inflammatory responses that can help your dog from long term uneasiness.

However, doctors still suggest not to give your dog the straight extracts of Cannabis that could include THC at some amount. The reason is the lack of study, whether it could benefit or damage your dog. Still, with several home-based lessons, they have understood that CBD-based products, including oils, can improve your dog’s wellbeing.

Can CBD oil do good to your dog?

CBD oils have gone from just oils to magical liquids over the course of its hype. Not only in human bodies, but CBD has done its job to several animals also. CBD oils, starting from pain relief to mental stabilization, have sounded as good in every aspect. Here is why CBD oils could fit your dog as well.

Relieving pain

The success of using CBD oils is so high that seemingly it could heal every type of pain even your little pups are having. But that assumption becomes real when you actually give them CBD oils. CBDs have been tried mostly in human convenience, and in most cases, it turned out in fantastic results.

More and more trials on Dogs have shown its positives. A study from Frontiers in 2018 shows that dogs with Osteoarthritis had some great enjoyment when they were treated with CBD oils. Still, there could be other treatments with CBD oils that your dogs could be enjoying the same.

  1. Pain including nerve-related problems
  2. Inflammation in pancreas
  3. Intestinal inflammation

Theoretically, dogs could also be having relief from their intervertebral disc disease. Several human trials have also shown that THC and CBD in a proportionate mix would make the effect more efficient. However, doctors believe there should be much research on experiments of the same on dogs before we can actually use it for them.

CBD can calm down the nervous system

When you are trying to help your furry friends lead a quiet life, protecting their nervous system could be one of the requirements. It all comes with the CNS system that stays responsible for the fitness of those animals. With several successful studies concerning degenerative myelopathy and other nerve issues, there is more to get excited about a potential treatment with CBD oils for dogs also.

In human cases, for diseases like ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, there have been positive results while CBD tries to protect our brains from toxicity and provides a safe shelter. In the same context, aged dogs have shown signs of recovery from their immature cell deaths. Canines face such problems with their age, but CBD items can prevent them from developing free radicals and harmful toxins.

What about addressing issues related to the heart?

CBD can be the answer to your worry regarding any issue related to your pet’s heart. It has the capability to help your dog reduce damages of heart.

  1. It reduces damages from distorted blood vessels and unexpected heart rate.
  2. It also monitors spike in blood pressure and controls with immediate effect.
  3. It, as a consequence, takes control of their anxiety as well.

Reduces Anxiety?

The matter of proper treatment for canine anxiety with CBD products is by far the most debated topic around the world. There could be a massive misconception also concerning the same. Considering human results, you can say that CBD can help manage your dog’s anxiety, but doctors believe that more research is needed to confirm its benefits.

From the stances of reducing long term inflammation, it may seem a proper solution for canine anxiety. However, dogs have so far enjoyed and responded well when they got treated with CBD and had their stress reduced.

Fighting seizures

Whether it comes to humans or dogs, seizures are often a serious issue for both. Unfortunately, there is not enough study about the benefits of CBD while using it for a dog’s seizure. Still, a study from 2017 says that dogs who underwent CBD oil treatment were spotted having much fewer seizures than those who already had a placebo. The study does emphasize that seizure-prone canines can have pleasure while having CBD oils on their bodies.

Some reports also suggest that CBD could be a better option for helping dogs encounter a reduced seizure frequency. CBD oils being a useful item of incorporating genuine CBD inside, arguably is one of the best fits with traditional anti-seizure medications.

Arthritis, as a superior case

CBD holds a significant share of the same metabolic path that anti-inflammatory drugs follow. As a result, people can expect that CBD oils could help in any kind of animal inflammation. For your kind information, any disease that ends with ‘itis’ is mostly denoted as an inflammatory situation.

Dogs suffer from Osteoarthritis very often. Mostly named traditional term Arthritis, it is one of the most common disorders among dogs to date. Stats show that almost one of four dogs got diagnosed with arthritis in their lifetime. Also, approximately 60% of dogs have shown some signs of the disease. But there is hardly any proper medicine for them to recover from such pain. However, CBD oils had shown some promise while providing some degree of relief when those dogs got an appropriate dosage per day.


Cancer is a term almost like pain that holds an umbrella of diverse situations. While each of those situations requires specific treatment, CBD has grown up to be an integration for all those. As every treatment results in pain to variable severity, CBD can help reduce the level of pain.

Mostly the same as during seizures, CBD has been found providing relief to animals receiving chemotherapy. While in human bodies, CBD comes into effect to both treatments of cancer and tumors, it is expected that CBD oils could help dogs render less effect of secondary symptoms of chemotherapy.

CBD oils have some expected steps to prevent pain during cancer treatment.

  1. Using anti-tumor attributes to reduce glioma cell growth
  2. Working as a side treatment of any conventional cancer medication while increasing its efficacy
  3. Blocking excessive energy production in the body

However, doctors believe CBD oils need more clinical practice before being a prescription medicine for dogs with cancer.

Increasing appetite

If you are finding your dogs not having enough food or taking less amount of food a day, it may be because of suppressed appetite. However, CBD could help your dog develop increased hunger.

Your dogs do want to return to their regular food habits, and CBD could be the treatment method they need for that. A report from the National Cancer Institute highlights that CBD is potentially an excellent method to help humans with reduced appetite, and that could be extended to canine animals also. Ask your veterinary expert if your dog could benefit from CBD oils also.

Suppressing nause

In the same context, CBD has also been reported to be a perfect medication when your dog is encountering nausea and vomiting excessively.

A study tells us that dogs are included in the family of canines that get the most benefit from CBD oils during their nausea. Some evidence also depicts that CBD also helps canines when they face nausea effects after undergoing chemotherapy. If you have been for an appropriate solution to help your dog and prevent its vomiting, CBD can rescue you against your concern.

What about Epilepsy?

As you have gone through a detailed view of seizures, let’s come to a more particular version of it, Epilepsy. You are not alone if your dog is suffering from regular seizures. With almost one out of twenty dogs suffering from frequent seizures, most of them get potassium bromide or drug phenobarbital as a recovery treatment. But such drug-based treatment might not be the best medication to address such disorders.

It may be that so far, only drug-based treatments have been efficient for letting dogs live a healthy life, but those can cause underlying side effects. Those medicines can damage their livers and other organs. However, CBD can take charge when you are facing such a dilemma of which medication to give to your furry friend.

The same study from 2017, which addressed the pain relief property of CBD for the dogs, also shows that it was especially epileptic dogs who had the better of the CBD oils. CBD works very efficiently in drug-resistant Epilepsy, and the results were found among 7 of 8 such cases in just 4-5 months. Those dogs showed significant improvement under CBD treatment. Moreover, there are enough researches that conclude that humans do get the better of CBD while they face Epilepsy. So, you can assume that CBD can prove a massive stance in treating your dogs with Epilepsy.

Risks of using CBD for dogs

So, it seems a safe option to try CBD for your dogs. Isn’t it? Still, there are some setbacks that you could be having when giving CBD oils to your furry friends. Several studies reveal that the recommended dosage of CBD can elevate liver value on bloodwork, namely as alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Although there is no evidence that such coincidence can cause any further damage, some believe that it potentially could damage the liver.

Some anecdotal reports say that dogs can become sleepier once they undergo a significant degree of CBD in a short period. Still, you don’t have to worry as such signs would recover automatically. However, if you feel that CBD oils are causing drug-effects in your little friend, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Significant side effects and its symptoms

It is miserable when we get any side-effect with our medicines. You can face such circumstances with CBD also, and your furry friends are also included. Although the side effects of CBD oils on dogs are negligible, you should take account of all negatives to ensure your dogs are not getting any discomfort. Some of those common side-effects are,

Low blood pressure

High doses of CBD can cause a severe drop in blood pressure for dogs. Although again, you shouldn’t worry much about it, you can try removing CBD from its treatment and observe how it is behaving then. Sometimes lowered blood pressure also results in dizziness, which is very hard to convey for a dog.


CBD oils can leave certain degrees of drowsiness as side effects. Often its relaxing character overpowers and extends its influence to induce a sleepy feeling in the dogs. While doctors say that this type of circumstance is not that serious, you should notice your dog’s behavior thoroughly. If you find that a higher dosage of CBD oils is the reason behind it, you can request a lower dosage from your veterinarian.

Dehydrated mouth

CBD can cause dry mouth problems also for dogs. It makes those canines feel uncomfortable and often comes out through the pattern of their eyes. If you find your dog drinking more than usual, you should start observing everything about it and ask your veterinarian for some suggestions.

THC risk of any CBD oil for dogs

CBD oils don’t always mean to include a pure and home-grown CBD content. Often it contains a limited and regulated amount of THC also. And the concern builds as THC can cause negligible to severe issues for your pet.

“Depending on how significantly a pet has been overdosed, the effects of that can be quite long-lasting, even days,” says Dr. Gary Richter, medical director of a California based veterinary hospital.

Once your pet dog gets into the effect of THC, it may lose its strength to sit or stand. It may behave too lazy to eat also. If such happens and you feel that it is from THC toxicity, ask help from your veterinarian immediately. In some rare cases, THC overdoses can induce respiratory problems for dogs. Monitoring every issue of your furry friend during its medication with CBD oils is the only way you can save it from such conditions. However, for your information only, even a thousand times greater than the recommended dosage of THC is not considered lethal for dogs theoretically.

The doctor also says that “The most significant [issue] is THC toxicity, meaning, essentially, they are high.” Such highness conditions only come when a dog consumes a CD product that contains coffee or raisins. Although it is often considered an aftereffect of THC, such ingredients can often cause the same feeling for the dogs.

Is it legal for you?

Whether CBD oils are legal or not in your providence is entirely a two-fold concern. As there are two preferred origins of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis, your country may react differently to both of them. Usually, most nations do allow the usage of hemp-based CBDs, while in most areas, cannabis-extracted CBD is illegal.

As cannabis extracts contain THC, there are specific regulations and allowance restriction that prohibits the usage of such CBDs in CBD oils. However, you may find it easy to get hemp-derived CBD oils in your region.

The dosage you should follow for your dog

Proper dosage can make the best out of CBD oils for your dogs. As dosage is essential to every medication, CBD can have its pros and cons when you give your dog little or excess of it. Doctors believe that you can start giving half a prescribed dose for your dog so that it gets familiar with CBD oils.

While the best option would be visiting your veterinarian and asking for the appropriate dosage for your dog, you can have an idea rendering the measure of your dog also. Dosage is generally determined by the size and weight of a dog, and for CBD oils, it is no exception for sure. Usually, a prescribed amount of CBD oil goes a s one drop for every ten pounds your dog weighs. You can also check for it using the CBD dosage calculator online.

A survey has shown that only a little over 45% of veterinarians in the US believe that CBD can do good for dogs.  However, it may be different for your dog. Monitor every time you give drops of CBD oils to your dog; if they exhibit uneasiness, consider lowering it.

Last words

So, now you can get the idea that CBD can be fantastic or demoralizing depending on how you are going to use it or whether your dog is capable of taking it as a treatment. There are some negligible side effects, but they all depend upon your management. Still, as of most cases, people so far have claimed CBD oil treatment success, and you can have the same also for your dog.

Starting from seizures, Epilepsy to heart problems, and glaucoma, CBD is efficient in providing the relief dogs want for their problems. Also, there haven’t been enough studies on its benefits; otherwise, we would have many more of that. The USA has made it available for 50 states, thanks to the 2018 farm bill for that. If you belong to one of those stats, your dog is lucky to have CBD touch for sure.

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