Ten CBD Products That Will Relax You

Ten CBD Products That Will Relax You

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CBD or cannabidiol is the latest craze in the field of alternative wellness. This naturally occurring substance is known to impart a calming sensation and is thus used in edibles, oils, and similar products. Let us now look at 10 of such CBD products which you can opt to destress in style.

Ten CBD Products Details Are:

Green Roads Broad Spectrum Chamomile CBD Tea 7mg

Sit back and unwind like a boss with this CBD tea from Green Roads which can fill up your system with 7mg of CBD per cup. It offers the perfect blend of peppermint, vanilla and chamomile which can add a whole new dimension to your evening tea routine. The soothing power of CBD joins hands with the calming power of exotic herbs, vanilla, chamomile and peppermint to help you deal with insomnia. This no-caffeine tea is idea for being drunk prior to bedtime or any other time when you wish to relax your tired nerves. For making this delicious tea, you will simply have to pour some boiling water over the tea bags and let it steep for about 5-7 minutes. Next you will have to slowly sip the tea and savor its delectable taste. The Green Roads Broad Spectrum Chamomile CBD tea is manufactured using hemp which is grown in American farms. These products are also tested in third-party labs for adhering to the best quality standards.


HUGS CBD Drink Mix 5 pack

HUGS is one of the leading US brands which never fails to deliver premium quality CBD products to its customers. It deals with edibles, CBD drinks, tinctures and bath bombs. We often seek out the perfect blend of purity and quality while scanning the market for CBD products and this is exactly what HUGS has to offer. All of its products are accompanied with detailed information about the latest lab reports which can keep the end customers guaranteed about its quality. This Drink Mix by HUGS offers users with the wellness of CBD in an extremely refreshing form. It even comes with an easy to prepare pack making it well suited for amateur users. The HUGS CBD Drink can immediately decrease your body pain while revitalizing you to the core. It delivers about 75mg caffeine per serving which helps in boosting up your energy quotient. This specially formulated mix also comprises of a variety of vitamins which helps to bolster your immunity system, heal wounds and shore up bones.


Funky Farms Chocolate Mint CBD Vape Cartridge 350mg 1mL

Funky Farm is a well-known name in the field of CBD and never fails to deliver users an irresistible vaping experience. All of its products are accompanied with an up-to-date lab report on the packaging which can keep users updated about the ingredient list. The Chocolate Mint vape pen, as the name suggests can encompass your senses with the freshness of mint and the sensuous taste of chocolate. It blends in the aroma of chocolate cookies and mild mint which can uplift your mood while you benefit out of both CBD and MCT oil extract. The 1ml 350mg cartridges of Funky Farm delivers a delectable aroma and flavor which is derived in its entirety from a strong terpene profile. The cartridges are compatible with 5-10-watt vape pens which adds up to its level of versatility. This lab-certified product is also free from solvent, hexane and GMO. This thin mint CBD cartridge is bound to bring back memories of those delicious Girl Scout Cookies you simply once loved. The Funky Farms Chocolate Mint CBD Vape Cartridge comes pre-filled which makes it a mess-fee option especially for first-timers.


CBD FX Concentrated Dabs Raw Wax

You can now take your love for dabbing to unprecedented heights with the CBD FX Concentrated Dabs Raw Wax. This is actually a fine grade CBD hemp oil concentrate in its solidified form sourced from EU and manufactured in USA by adhering to top-most quality standards. It constitutes of 1-gram CBD rich hemp oil which is articulately mixed with amino acids, fatty acids and 300 mg of industrial quality CBD. For best results, you need to use this CBD FX Concentrated Dabs Raw Wax along with a dabbing pen as this shall assist in immediate vaporization of the wax. You need to add just marginal amounts of this pure CBD dosing option to your dab pen for breathing in the wellness of the organic wax CBD concentrate. If you wish to orally consume the CBD FX Concentrated Dabs Raw Wax, then you will simply have to scoop out small portions of the same for being placed under your tongue. This raw wax should be held on for 30 seconds prior to being swallowed for ideal absorption. For best results, you need to start out with a small quantity and increase it gradually.


CBDfx CBD Terpenes Vape 50mg

The CBD Terpenes Vape pen by CBDfx can serve as the ideal choice for amateur users who are trying out cannabidiol for the very first time. The medium potency 50mg vape pen can help them gauge how their body reacts to CBD intake. The pen is designed in a discreet fashion for adding to its travel friendly attributes and making it perfect for travellers on the go. A unique thing about this vape pen is that it doesn’t have any charging requirement which helps in using it straight out of the box. You will simply have to dispose it off and get yourself a fresh one once it runs out of juice. CBDfx is a known brand in the field of cannabidiol which is known to deliver a premium vaping experience to all its users and this Terpenes Vape pen also stands true to the general consensus. These full-spectrum vape pens come in four flavor options of

Gelato, Platinum Rose, OG Kush and Pineapple Express. With no requirement of filling or charging, this CBD vape pen can be draw-activated to provide you with ready-made access to the plant’s chemical profile. Its slim build also helps in carrying our this vape pen in bag compartments and your pockets.


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp is a popular player of the CBD circuit which has provided us with some delicious tasting CBD gummies. The nutraceutical blend and whole-plant hemp extract present in these CBD gummies can deliver a delicious taste. Top-grade cannabidiol extract goes into the composition of these CBD gummies which serves as an effective treat for your senses. Just like peer Blue Moon Hemp products, these CBD gummies can be fully traced from the seed to the shelf. They are also extremely pure, safe and consistent in nature. No flavor, artificial sweetener or color is added to the Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil products which are non-GMO and gluten-free in nature. These CBD gummies serve as an excellent way of catering to your daily CBD requirements on the go. It comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes which can offer you a mouthful of delight with every single bite. These CBD gummies can be consumed as a dietary supplement about 1-2 times a day. It should ideally be stored in a cool and dry place which is away from excessive humidity, light and heat for preserving its quality.


HUGS CBD Gummies 30ct

Are you on the lookout for a CBD gummy which will also have an extremely delicious taste? If you have an affirmative answer, then you need to opt for the HUGS CBD gummies which has already become a favorite product of CBD afficionados around the globe. These 10mg gummies can provide your body with the correct amount of CBD and that too having a delectable taste. Its rich aroma can help you make the most out of your CBD session without having to deal with its medicinal smell. HUGS is an extremely popular CBD brand and you can expect nothing but the best while purchasing its products. It also offers drink mixes, bath bombs and tinctures apart from the edible gummies. These completely natural gummies do not have any artificial sweeteners and are manufactured using broad spectrum CBD with next to none levels of THC. Each of these jars are filled with a mix of delicious fruity flavors including orange, grape and lemon. These gummies are easy to digest and are derived from originally grown hemp to keep users completely buffered from the psychoactive effects of THC.


Blue Moon Hemp Red Devil CBD Vape Liquid

Want to immerse your senses in the sinful blend of vanilla and strawberry having subtle hints of mango and tangerine? Then think no more and opt for the Blue Moon Hemp Red Devil CBD vape liquid. This pure hemp extract is cultivated and refined from the finest Hemp cultivars with supreme precision and efficiency. More than 400 phytonutrients and 60 cannabinoids are allowed by this whole plant extract to come together for ushering in maximum efficiency. Its proprietary process helps in preserving the entourage effect as THC gets removed in its entirety. You can opt for this CBD vape liquid without having to worry about succumbing to psycho-active effects or failing drug screenings post consumption. Non-GMO Propylene Glycol and Plant Only Vegetable Glycerin helps this CBD vape liquid in delivering the purest and cleanest taste on the go. Nano-technology and high-speed emulsion used by Blue Moon helps in ensuring the highest level of bio-availability of this vape liquid. You are bound to feel relaxed from the very first vape as all signs of anxiety vanishes from your body to uplift your mood. This CBD vape liquid is compatible with all vaping devices and needs to be stored in a cool and dry place for maximum efficiency.


CBDfx Wild Watermelon CBD Vape Liquid 30ml

The CBDfx vape liquid strikes the right balance of organic CBD concentrations which can satiate your hemp cravings in a healthy manner. All you need to do is monitor your amount of daily vaping and in this way, you can easily control your amount of vape intake. This CBD vape liquid is compatible with all standard sub-ohm vaping devices and even the smaller portable vape kits. As a result, you can enjoy your daily dose of CBD in a convenient manner. This 30ml vape liquid feels like taking the first bite into a ripe and juicy watermelon. You are bound to feel delighted as it floods your senses with the feeling of sinking your teeth into the unbelievably juicy flesh of a delicious watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. Cannabidiol users can bask in this unique taste which helps them celebrate every hit with this CBD e-liquid vape juice by CBDfx. They have also perfected the PG to VG ratio for delivering a smooth vape hit time and again. Its fruity flavor is an absolute pleasure when you sit back and try to immerse your senses with the daily dose of premium grade CBD. The fresh fruit flavored CBD isolate is completely free of THC and this keeps users buffered from experiencing any kind of psychoactive effects. This vape liquid comes in a variety of strength options and is compatible with most vaping devices available in the market.


The Brothers Apothecary Relax CBD Hemp Flower Blend

Wish to unlock self-realization and walk on the path of new discovery? Then think no more and opt for this restful blend of exotic herbs by The Brothers Apothecary. People have been using smokable herbs for more than 5000 years in therapeutic, spiritual, as well as, medicinal ceremonies. The CBD hemp flower blend of The Brothers Apothecary just continue this tradition and that too without bringing along the negative effects of tobacco. It is manufactured using the choicest of ingredients such as organic herbs, synergistic botanicals and Oregon grown hemp.  The Elektra CBD hemp flower carries a strong pine scent which can surely overpower your senses with its earth and tropical citrus flavor. This aroma originates from the strain’s terpenes such as guaiol, alpha-bisabolol, myrcene, phytol and beta-caryophyllene. The small to medium-sized CBD hemp buds of Elektra have a dark green hue along with orange pistils. It is usually bred by crossing ACDC and the Early Resin Berry. Users have pointed out that Elektra tags along a relaxing sensation without sacrificing the level of productivity. It is advisable to keep this hemp flower blend outside the reach of pets and children.


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