Funky Farms Review

Funky Farms Review

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Funky Farms had been pushing industry standards to rhetoric heights with its compelling products. All of these are sourced in U.S using superior quality ingredients and are also backed up by the necessary lab certifications. Let us now take a look at five of the best Funky Farm products which you need to try out today:

Funky Farms Watermelon CBD Gummies

Don’t we all absolutely love the yummy goodness which CBD gummy tag along! You can now immerse your senses in the tastiest watermelon gummies by Funky Farms which comes infused with high-quality and concentrated CBD. These gummies are completely devoid of THC which is infamous for triggering psychoactive effects and making its users fail drug tests. Each 50mg pack of these Funky Farms Watermelon CBD gummies offer 10mg per serving. No artificial colors or flavors is used in the composition of these CBD gummies which are vegan friendly in nature. Each gummy pack offers 5 pieces of gummies which can be consumed prior to bed time for enjoying a good night’s sleep. These soft and chewy gummies can serve as an absolute treat for your taste buds while offering you the best of health in terms of fighting pain, anxiety and inflammation. So, try out these gummies today to bring back memories of childhood when you used to beat the heat in style with your bunch of buddies and chilled watermelon juice for company.


Funky Farms Alaskan Ice CBD Tincture 30mL

This icy cool CBD tincture by Funky Farms has been appropriately named as it might send shivers down your spine from the very first day of use. So, go get yourself a warm jacket and prepare to experience the minty coolness of peppermint in its full blow. This everyday flavor is ideal for leaving your breath all minty and fresh so that you can tackle the day with renewed vigor. The Alaskan Ice CBD Tincture constitutes of highly concentrated CBD which can help you deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia and even inflammation. Consistent usage can help you tackle all these problems and make them a thing of past in no time. The CBD tincture also stands out as a better alternative than traditional medications which tend to bring along negative side effects in the long run. Hemp-derived CBD helps this delicious tincture in starting your day with a nutritive blast. You can consume it either as your favorite beverage or sublingually. The tinctures come in potency choices ranging from 250 to 1000mg. However, it is advisable to start out low and increase the strength gradually over time. For oral use, you need to add about 2 drops of this tincture and keep it under your tongue for about 30 seconds prior to swallowing.


Funky Farms Apple Jack Pear CBD Vape Liquid 15mL

This full spectrum CBD vape liquid carries the delicious taste of aromatic apples which can serve you well after a tiring day at work. You can awaken your senses and relax your strained nerves with this fruit-forward CBD vape liquid which can offer you pure satisfaction from the very first day of use. This juice is crafted using premium grade ingredients which can keep you completely worry-free about its quality. You can cater to your CBD cravings with this vape liquid without worrying at all about succumbing to the negative effects of THC. They come in 15ml bottles which make them a highly portable option. You can thus carry it around easily in your bag for vaping on the go. They even have a blunt needle tip which paves the path for mess-free filling of the vape pods. The pear aromas blend in beautifully with sweet sliced apples and tempting hemp extract to offer the perfect balance and keep you going throughout the day. This full spectrum hemp extract contains less than 0.3% THC and are available in different strength options of 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. You can use this Funky Farms Apple Jack Pear CBD Vape Liquid with both MTL Kits and Open Pod Systems.


Funky Farms Berry Mix CBD Drink Packet 25mg

This CBD drink packet has been specially developed for those who have a certain affinity towards the delicious taste of berries. It offers a tempting assortment of flavors whose functionality gets further accentuated with the presence of isolated hemp extract. Such attributes make this CBD infused drink mix ideal for people who are on the lookout for a nutritious and delicious beverage on the go.  These 25mg CBD packets can lead you to a delicious path with the flavors of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry which comes infused with premium grade CBD Hemp. It also comes loaded with other healthy ingredients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea which can strengthen your immunity system with continued usage. You just need to pour in this hemp infused berry goodness in a glass of warm or cold water to fill your system with electrolytes, CBD and vitamins. CBD extract joins hands with premium grade vitamins and electrolytes to ward off all cold and flu symptoms from your body while helping with pain triggered by inflammation.


Funky Farms Gelato CBD Vape Cartridge 350mg 1mL

If you are not a big fan of vape cartridges which require messy re-filling, then you are bound to fall in love with this CBD vape cartridge of Funky Farms in the delectable flavor of gelato. You can thus expect nothing but the absolute best from this excellent combination of creamy gelato and high-quality CBD. It showers us with nostalgia by bringing back memories of those melty gelatos that we simply adored as a child. This Gelato cartridge offers the perfect blend of satisfaction and refreshment which can impose calming effects on your physical and mental health. Its 1ml cartridge has been specially crafted to shower user with all the benefits of CBD and that too without making them bear the brunt of the harmful THC. The cartridge packs in all the terpenes which is expected from a full spectrum CBD and also stays true to the delightfully sweet taste of Gelato. This terpene cartridge utilizes the absorption power of MCT oil derived out of coconut along with concentrated CBD extract with a 50VG I 50PG blend.

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