CBD Can’t Cure Coronavirus – But Sales Remain Unaffected

CBD Can’t Cure Coronavirus – But Sales Remain Unaffected

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Regardless of being ineffective on coronavirus, consumers continue to buy CBD oil in mass quantities. The forced lockdown scenario in the United States has increased e-commerce sales. According to a survey by the Brightfield Group, in a group of ten CBD buyers four plan to increase the purchase of cannabinoid in the future because of the coronavirus notoriety.

The much-dreaded controversy over COVID-19 and CBD and the unrelated fake news that spread over social media was enough to provoke the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws. NORML stated how there has been absolutely no scientific evidence to support the fact that marijuana can alter the impacts of coronavirus.

The FDA and FTC mirrored the statement made by NORML. The FDA has written several warning letters to different companies that were engaged in selling cures for COVID-19, particularly products containing CBD.  A DEA spokesperson stated the risks involved in sharing joints and bongs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s The Actual Story Behind COVID-19 and CBD?

Everything that you have heard about CBD and COVID-19 isn’t a part of the controversial theory. There are several reliable sources, where it’s claimed that CBD is not a miraculous cure with the potential to solve the pandemic but it possesses antiviral properties. This can help to deal with certain aspects of the infectious coronavirus.

The Lancet was the first to make this scientific argument. It stated how patients displaying severe signs of coronavirus might have cytokine storm syndrome. This syndrome causes an immune overreaction in the lungs. It can prove to be the reason that is killing patients with severe coronavirus. The Science Daily stated that the reason behind outbreaks like H1N1 swine flu, Spanish flu, and avian flu was caused by a ‘hyper-inflammatory cytokine storm’, that causes a spike of the immune cells to act erratically.

The Lancet mentioned hypothetically,  ‘immunosuppression’ can benefit hyper-inflammation. This indirectly implies CBD oil might possess beneficial effects and work as a powerful immunosuppressant drug.