Baked Apple Galette Recipe
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Baked Apple Galette Recipe

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A galette is nothing but a fancy French name for an open-faced pie. It is usually baked on a sheet, unlike other pie preparations that use a pie dish. This one gets a cannabutter treatment and tastes even more delicious when served alongside a serving of vanilla ice cream.


  • Granulated sugar 1½ T
  • 1¼ c all-purpose flour
  • Table salt ½ t
  • Cold Cannabutter 4T, cubed
  • Cold unsalted Butter 4T, cubed
  • Ice cold water 3-4 T
  • Preparing the apple filling
  • 4 T granulated sugar
  • Four medium tart apples
  • 2 T cold unsalted butter, cubed
  • 1/8 t table salt
  • ½ t ground cinnamon
  • 1 T water & 1 egg (for egg wash)


  • Take a bowl and add flour, salt, and sugar and put it into a food processor. Pulse a few times to combine. Next, add cannabutter and unsalted butter and whisk it a few times until the butter breaks into medium-sized pieces.
  • Add 3T ice water to the mixture while mixing it fast. The mixture will have a consistency of damp bread crumbs and feels sticky when squeezed. It will let you know that the dough is done. You can add 1T more ice-cold water if it does not hold together and mix it well.
  • Transfer the dough onto a piece of parchment paper. Pull-on the top edges of the paper together so that the mixture can be shaped like a flat disk. Avoid overworking the dough because it will hydrate the mix and become tougher when chilled. If it feels dry to the touch, add a sprinkle of cold water to the batter. Nicely wrap the parchment paper and place the dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
  • Get the oven ready by preheating to 340° F. Generally, for baking, pastry dough pies, a high temperature is preferred, but in this case, it would ruin the strength of THC infused cannabutter. Cook it at lower temperatures and would eventually take longer to cook.
  • Take the dough out from the refrigerator and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some flour onto your rolling pin and also on the work surface. Roll the disk into a 12-inch circle and lay it onto a baking sheet and line with parchment. Put it into the refrigerator to keep fresh.
  • Peel apples and cut them in half. Scoop out the core using a metal spoon or melon baller. Slice the apples as thinly and neatly as possible. Separate the apple slices by pressing them forward with your finger. Take the dough out and put the apple slices around its perimeter, leaving a 1½ inch gap. Keep on feeling the dough in a circular pattern.
  • Take a small bowl and mix salt, sugar, and cinnamon in it. Sprinkle the mix over the apples and top it with cubes of unsalted butter.
  • Pull the edge of the dough and fold it over the apple slices and lightly crimp at every 3 inches as you continue to make pleats around the edges.
  • Blend egg with 1 T water in a separate bowl and gently brush it over the dough. It is done to add beautiful shine and color to the pie. You can also add powdered sugar if you like. Bake the pie for 40-50 minutes till the apples are cooked perfectly and leave a golden-brown crust on the top layer. Remove the galette from the oven and allow it to cool. Serve it warm alongside vanilla ice cream and take pleasure in responsibly.

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