Pretzel Crispy Canna Bars
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Pretzel Crispy Canna Bars

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This delicacy contains crunchy pretzels and cannabutter. This unbaked treat gives that childhood yearning taste of salt and sweet mix. They can be cut into the shape of triangles and pipe on some decorative chocolate ganache to make your crispies into adorable Canna-Christmas trees on the serving tray.

Ingredients Necessary

  • Salted Butter- 3T
  • Canna Butter -3T
  • Marshmallows- 10oz bag one
  • Rice Cereal toasted- 4 cups
  • Coarsely crushed flavored Pretzels-2 cups ( whole pretzels for trunks)
  • Sea salt flakes for sprinkles
  • Chocolate Ganache or frosting- ¾ cup
  • Sugar pearls or sprinkles -Garnishing

How to Make

Step 1:-Take a rimmed tray of size 9×13. Put butter paper on it and smear some butter on the paper. Let one-inch paper length to hang around the tray.
Step 2:-Put the salted Butter and the cannabutter in a vessel on low heat. Mix marshmallows in it and heat for three minutes until it melts.
Step 3:-Now take the pot from the heat and mix pretzel and cereal pieces. Keep stirring the Butter to make it even. Now put this mixture on the buttered pan using a spatula.
Step 4:-Shift it to the refrigerator and keep it for 30 minutes. Remove the crispies from the butter paper onto a cutting board.
Step 5:-Cut the crispies lengthwise into two triangles. Now from the long side, go on cutting to make it into small triangles. Do this for both the large triangles. Start cutting from the broad side of the triangle for three ¼ inches. Approximately there are 14 big and four small triangles.
Step 6:-Take a Ziploc bag of chocolate ganache and snip the corner. Squeeze the chocolate in a zig-zag pattern throughout the crispies. Garnish with sprinkles or sugar pearls.

Start with a small quantity

You can use a cannabis infusion in the recipe. You can take a little bite of food and mix it with ¼ t of infusion. The effect reveals to you after one hour. Now you can decide how to adjust the potency. If the whole dish needs to add cannabis, it is essential to calculate how much infusion is necessary.

Put a label on the edibles- `for 21+years as it contains Cannabis`. Such items should always keep away from children.

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